Personal Injury & Mass Tort Law Firm Achieves 40% Increase in Calls in 6 Months - Case Study #2

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June 2021


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The Situation

Personal Injury & Mass Tort Law Firm Achieves 40% Increase in Calls in 6 Months – Case Study #2

With 50+ years representing victims of Personal Injury, the Peter Angelos Firm out of Baltimore, MD is one of the most reputable and well-respected Injury law firms on the East Coast.

During our initial call with the partners that managed marketing, we learned that despite continually investing more in both SEO and PPC with a local marketing agency, the leads the firm received were both low quality and infrequent.

Our team analyzed their Google Ads account performance and discovered a litany of issues with how their account targeting was set up. That resulted in lots of low quality clicks and bad leads that wasted their staff’s time and didn’t lead to signed new cases.

Our team also analyzed their website’s technical SEO and uncovered another list of problems that prevented their website from showing up in relevant searches for the kinds of cases they desired.

Our recommendations to solve these problems included Technical SEO fixes performed monthly, new optimized content, backlink acquisition, and reconstruction of their Google Ads account to run both PPC and LSA ads. The results from our efforts came quickly and immediately helped the firm sign more and better injury cases.

40% increase in new calls to the law firm achieved in 6 months

New injury case leads that turned into more signed cases.
how to increase leads to your law firm

428 new lew injury case leads generated from Google PPC and LSA ads in 6 months

510 new calls to firm generated from SEO website traffic in 6 months

new leads generated for personal injury law firm in 6 months

47% Increase in website traffic achieved in 6 months

$65,400/mo worth of equivalent Google PPC Ads traffic from SEO

The dollar value of all organic unpaid keywords driving new website visitors when compared to purchasing the same keywords through Google Pay Per Click advertising.
how much a law firms organic web traffic is worth in google ads