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SEO For Lawyers

Investing in SEO provides long-term, residual ROI because its value compounds over time and pays dividends into the future.
- Will Palmer, Founder @ Growth Lab

Search engine optimization is a complicated process that can be difficult for lawyers to understand and is often the most exploited marketing service sold to attorneys. That’s why the team at Growth Lab exists; to call out all the SEO imposters out there that don’t understand the nuances of Google’s algorithm and the nuances of a legal consumer’s search tendencies and conversion metrics.

The firms that seem to dominate search results don’t work the the big-box legal marketing firm that sell the same worthless but fancy-sounding bundles to every firm. They don’t work with local agencies that don’t specialize in legal. They work with someone like Growth Lab.

Google PPC and LSAs

Get immediate qualified leads calling and messaging your firm.

– Paul Poremski, Director of Digital Ads

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Legal Websites

We create law firm websites that look like Ferraris.

-Andrew Martindale, Website Implementation Director

Brand Promise

To put law firms in the best possible position to achieve long-term growth and success with their law firm marketing dollars.