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When does SEO for law firms fail and why?

Share some scenarios where law firm SEO companies fail to deliver meaningful results and the cause of these failures.

Why did you start Growth Lab?

Hear from our Founder & CEO Will Palmer as he shares why he felt led to find and create a better way of doing legal marketing with a goal of delivering real and transparent results to law firms.

Why do law firms choose Growth Lab?

Explain the options law firms have when deciding who to trust with their marketing dollars and why many firms ultimately choose Growth Lab over the competition.

What makes the team at Growth Lab so uniquely positioned to help my law firm succeed online?

Tell me what I expect when working with the Growth Lab law firm seo and digital ads teams.

Who are your best-fit clients?

Describe the kinds of law firms that see the most value and achieve the highest ROI from your legal marketing services.

How is your approach to law firm SEO different than everyone else?

Explain what Growth Lab does differently and why it matters to me.

What can I expect from a discovery call and what should I expect in my 1st month as a new client?

If I decide to book a call with your team I need to know what I can expect from the experience so I ensure it won’t waste my time.

What if I don't agree with Growth Lab's recommendations?

There seems to be a lot of conflicting information around the best approach to law firm digital marketing strategies, and I need to know what happens if I don’t agree with your philosophy. 

What marketing services will work the best for my law firm?

I need to know which SEO and digital ads solutions will work best for us and how your team determines the right marketing mix.

How can I be confident your legal marketing services actually work?

We have been burned in the past by marketers. I need to ensure I find the right long-term partnership.

How does Growth Lab hold themselves accountable to results?

Explain how Growth Lab provides transparency into the tactics and results our firm is getting from your services.

How will I be able to measure your results and ROI?

A lot of marketers use jargon and vanity metrics to puff up their results (or lack thereof). Explain how Growth Lab measures the results that are most meaningful to our firm’s growth goals.

Do you work with every law firm? Do you turn down business?

If there are law firms that are not good fits for your marketing services I would like to know what those are before wasting my time.

Can you guarantee I will get results?

Ultimately, our law firm needs to find a trusted legal marketing partner and results are everything. Period. 

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