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SEO That Drives Growth

Top Law Firms Don’t Approach SEO The Same Way As Everyone Else

We’ve established a new Law Firm SEO model that generates significantly better results than our competitors can. Real Results with Total Transparency.

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The most savvy lawyers know a secret about SEO and growing their firms.

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They know that investing in SEO provides a long-term, residual return on investment because its value compounds over time and pays dividends long into the future. This can significantly lower marketing costs over time and increase profitability.

The growth effects of good SEO has been eclipsed by newer more exciting marketing services that are competitive and over-saturated. Use this fact to your advantage.

SEO isn’t magic, it’s a data-driven science.​


Lawyers tell us all the time: “We pay for SEO but have no idea what we’re really getting or if it’s actually working.”

That’s because SEO services are often sold as part of a larger marketing or website package. This isn’t the answer, and the firms that dominate search results have known this for a long time.

Successful law firm SEO requires a calculated customized strategy based on your firm’s target practice area(s), location, current online presence, and your local competitive landscape.


Lucrative growth from SEO requires the right team and a tailored strategy.​


An SEO strategy needs to eventually translate into more clients and cases. This requires a team with deep understanding of the legal industry, the legal consumer, and your ideal client’s unique search behaviors.

Law firms that dominate in search results utilize SEO teams that understand the nuances of the legal consumer and the specific SEO services that actually move the needle without wasting time and money.

We Connect Law Firms to New Potential Clients Searching For Legal Help
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Who We Are

We Deliver Law Firm Web Visibility Solutions With Real Results

Choosing the right SEO and PPC partner is a big decision, especially for lawyers that have been burned in the past by pushy salespeople and marginal results. Growth Lab wants to show you what a real legal marketing partnership looks and feels like – one that can prove a direct correlation between improved online visibility and increased law firm revenue. 

If you schedule a discovery call with our team, we will provide you with valuable recommendations on how your law firm can improve its online presence, reputation, and reach more new clients and cases- even if we never do business together.

Our Team

Our Leadership Team

Will Palmer Kansas City Growth Lab Founder & CEO.
Founder & CEO
Case Studies

Need Proof of Results? We Have It.

Criminal & Family Law Firm Achieves 1,647% Increase in Site Traffic in 24 Months – Case Study #1

This criminal defense and family law firm is led by a highly skilled, growth-minded entrepreneurial lawyer named John Cannon who wanted to dominate the Oklahoma City market in case acquisition and revenue growth. After a conversation with John to better-understand his firm’s growth goals…

Personal Injury & Mass Tort Law Firm Achieves 40% Increase in Calls in 6 Months – Case Study #2

With 50+ years representing victims of Personal Injury, the Peter Angelos Firm out of Baltimore, MD is one of the most reputable and well-respected Injury law firms on the East Coast. During our initial call with the partners that managed marketing, we learned that…

Family Law Firm Achieves 85% Increase in New Leads in 6 Months – Case Study #3

This Family Law firm with locations in Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio represents women only in family law-related matters. Led by 3 ambitious and talented partners, Katie, Hari and Natalie sought to target women in their area who needed highly skilled representation. After a conversation…
We Connect Law Firms to New Potential Clients Searching For Legal Help

Our Results Have Lawyers Talking

See what some of our satisfied clients had to say about working with us!

“Will was able to review my overall marketing strategy, make some suggestions and minor changes that have resulted in a far greater return on my advertising dollars than I was getting prior to meeting and working with his company.”

Heath S.
Family Law & Criminal Defense Lawyer

“Will’s recommendations are always supported with solid statistics showing exactly how many impressions, visits, contacts, and click-through each marketing tool generates. Never any pressure to keep the things that aren’t working for your particular practice – eager to focus efforts on the strategies that work.”

Paul C.
Criminal Defense Lawyer

“I have met many so called marketing experts in the industry and none seem to be as genuine as what Will has to share. His knowledge of the business side of marketing along with his contact base is unmatched. I think that you cannot go wrong with trusting him to grow your business!”

Christy A.
Director of Marketing, Personal Injury & Mass Tort Law Firm

“After working with them for 4 months, I have a marketing machine that is managed with forethought and strategy, rather than the “ready, shoot, aim” approach I have seen so many times with other companies. I wish I had put this company on my team years ago, because in many ways, I feel like I am at the beginning, developing long-term strategy, foundation, and a more consistent presence in my market.”

Julie C.
Growth Lab

Why Choose Us?

Growth Lab was created, like most companies, because there was a problem that needed solving. The problem many law firms shared with us was this: I pay a bunch of money to an SEO company and have no idea what they’re doing or if it even works. We hear this literally every. single. day.

The truth is, it’s hard to find a law firm SEO partner that listens to your needs and truly understands your business objectives that can also offer the most relevant and cutting-edge SEO services and technologies to generate superior results.

So, we created both: personalized attention and a team of expert law firm SEO and digital ads marketers that gives our clients access to our cloud marketing platform, an ever-evolving technology that provides 100% transparency into the SEO tactics being used to grow your business and the results they generate. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are Growth Lab – a new breed of law firm digital marketing entrepreneurs that work exclusively with fast-growth law firms to implement the most effective SEO, PPC, LSA and website strategies that increase online search visibility and signed clients and cases.

We don’t just know about SEO. We know how to grow law firms. We understand the importance of online search, user experience, and creating efficiency within your business to turn your web presence into a revenue-generating machine.

Our experience and track record means we have implemented 1000’s of legal marketing campaigns and coached and developed hundreds of law firm clients to realize their revenue and growth goals through effective SEO and Digital Ads.

Over the years we have generated over $100 million in tracked legal services revenue.

Our expert team, our singular focus on law firm SEO, and our continuously evolving and innovative service offerings to keep up with Google’s algorithm changes.

Everyone on our team is either a savvy marketer, entrepreneur, or business nerd that turns SEO and Digital Ads into new monthly revenue for your law firm.

Our team’s entire focus is to hold a deep understanding of the evolving SEO marketing model and the specific tactics that allows SEO to translate into better internet visibility and more clients. Our marketers implement the entire SEO strategy on your behalf so you don’t have to pay for someone to tell you what you need to do, rather, it gets done every month.

Our award-winning law firm marketing platform allows us to provide clients with 100% transparency into the results that translate into signed cases. It’s also where you can see the specific online channels that are performing the best at producing your firm new clients. Law firms that leverage data and insights into their web presence outperform their peers.

The Growth Lab law firm marketing platform gives clients a single-sign-on location where you can view the health and effectiveness of your SEO and online presence holistically – that’s to say, a complete 360 degree accurate picture of what’s working and what’s not. This allows us (and you) to make better marketing decisions and gain significant control over your results.

Stop guessing with your marketing dollars.

What we promise is this: We will provide you a team of proven law firm SEO marketing experts that will recommend online visibility solutions that translate into increased monthly revenue. We promise to put you in the best position to achieve long-term growth and success online.

There are no canned “one-size-fits-all” SEO solutions that we offer. Every firm has different needs and gaps within their online marketing strategy.

We diagnose those gaps and give you recommendations to fix what’s preventing you from showing up better in relevant search queries. We also look at your direct competitors that are in a more lucrative position and assess exactly what got them there. The plan we give you is based on this data, and allows us to provide a clear path towards market dominance.

Our Single-Sign-On law firm marketing platform provides total proof of results from every corner of your solution.

Our SEO offerings cover the entire spectrum of online organic search growth solutions. We recommend customized SEO packages that are different for every single client because they’re based 100% on fixing the problems with your current search strategy.

They’re also based on your practice areas, geographic location, competitors, and client search queries.

Common law firm seo recommendations include:

  • Website audit and competitor benchmarking
  • Google Business Profile listing optimization and management
  • Adding new authoritative quality content to your website
  • Adding new backlinks to your website
  • Optimizing your website for specific keywords to rank
  • Integrating Google Analytics, Search Console, and Insight platforms
  • Google Business Profile and Local SEO Management
  • Blog posts
  • Listing management and Online Directory Submissions
  • Reputation and Reviews
  • PPC (Pay Per Click) Ads
  • LSA (Local Service Area) Ads
  • Reporting and Analysis

Answering this important question is exactly why our initial Discovery Call is required before we commit to taking you on as a client.

It’s during this call that we ask specific questions about your law firm and your financial goals to ensure increased performance in SEO can in-fact help you reach those goals.

If we aren’t 100% positive we can recommend a customized SEO and Digital Ads solution that will help bring in new paying clients and cases, we will recommend another route for your law firm to take that will put you in a better position to succeed.

Yes, we turn business away that is not a fit for us. Results are everything. Our reputation is at stake. We must be completely sure we can deliver results to you.

Bad fit examples:

1. Law firms that are at complete capacity for new clients and cases with no intentions to hire

2. Firms that don’t believe in the power of Search Engine Optimization or digital marketing

3. Firms too busy to make changes (even if they know they should)

4. Firms that are not growth minded

5. Firms that believe there is a singular “silver bullet” strategy to grow

6. Firms unwilling to consider leaving their current SEO provider to achieve better results

Our best fit clients are small law firms that are currently investing in Search Engine Optimization and Digital Ad services but don’t know what, if anything, is working to grow their business.

Our best-fit clients typically invest monthly in legal online marketing services but have grown frustrated with stagnant results and poor communication.

Our clients know the importance of having better search visibility and would invest in a proven, transparent SEO solution should they come across one.

Best-fit clients care about wasted spend, care about results, and want to understand their current gaps in Search Optimization and gaps in their digital strategy to improve upon things.

Our best-fit clients want to be the market-leaders for their target practice areas. They want to outperform the competition and have a strong growth plan in place to do so.

Practice areas we work most with:

  • Personal Injury
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Mass tort
  • Dangerous Drugs & Products
  • Divorce & Family Law
  • Criminal Defense
  • Employment Law
  • Estate Planning
  • Bankruptcy
  • Tax Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Class Action

At Growth Lab we only offer 3  services we consider to be the most direct path towards generating more quality clients and cases from the internet.

Those 3 services are:

  • Law firm websites
  • Law firm SEO
  • Google PPC (pay-per-click) and LSA (local service area) ads

Yes. We are known throughout the legal community as a premium SEO provider dedicated exclusively to solo and small law firms. Our entire team and solutions are built around the nuances of legal marketing.

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