Lawyers are increasingly speaking about the new audio-only social app Clubhouse. As legal professionals our time is valuable so why spend it on another social media app?

Clubhouse Is a Place Lawyers Can Learn From Each Other

Clubhouse gives you unprecedented access to individuals that have built amazing law firms and are using their voice to help educate those around them to learn to do the same. Topics on Clubhouse for lawyers are endless! Rooms I have seen include:

  • How to create a memorable law firm brand
  • How to reach more potential legal consumers in your community
  • How to hire and retain top legal talent
  • How to you manage your law firm remotely
  • How has Covid impacted your law firm?
  • What are the top marketing strategies that increase client and case acquisition?
  • Courtroom Etiquette
  • The new legal consumer
  • And more…

There is something for everyone, whether you’re considering the law profession, in law school, working at a solo/small law firm or a large firm, or perhaps at the end of your legal career looking for the next exciting opportunity.

Clubhouse Clubs For Lawyers

With a recent Clubhouse app update, members can now create their own clubs right inside the app. A club is basically a place where a specific shared-interest topic can be discussed. Clubs for lawyers are popping up every day! Some clubs that I am a member of or created myself include:

  • Law Firm Growth & Profitability (I founded)
  • Lawyer SEO Mastermind (I founded)
  • The Black Lawyers Club
  • Legal Speakers
  • Employment Law
  • Ask An Attorney
  • The Successful Lawyer
  • Pensive Introvert Lawyers
  • Criminal Law Explained
  • Marketing and Social Media for Lawyers
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • And more…

The Opportunities New Connections Provide on Clubhouse Can Change Your Business and Your Life

It’s a bold statement, I know! But it’s the truth.

I can provide my own personal testimony that backs up this claim. A gentlemen I met in a Clubhouse room that talks about Search Engine Optimization ended up becoming an important business partner of mine. His name is Ben Fisher – a Google Platinum Product Expert that knows more about Google My Business and local search rank than just about anyone.

Now, my law firm clients have the amazing opportunity to get unmatched Google Local search solutions provided directly from Ben’s team.

How Creating a Clubhouse Club For Lawyers Introduced Me To the Legal Industry’s Best and Brightest

Speaking of opportunities that derive from Clubhouse, one of the best decisions I made early on was to create my own club for lawyers called Law Firm Growth & Profitability.

This club is exceeding 4,000 members and those members get the chance to speak and moderate rooms alongside me, to provide our club members a ton of valuable information to help them grow personally and professionally within the legal industry!

We have hosted rooms with thought leaders such as Rich Bracken, a global Keynote speaker and expert on Emotional Intelligence. Rich has extensive experience coaching legal teams and is published by several leading publications including JD Supra.

Another room we hosted was with the previously-mentioned Ben Fisher who is 1 of only 20 Google My Business Platinum Product Experts in the world. He was able to share with our lawyer audience how to rank in local search.

Informal rooms have included topics around legal marketing, SEO for law firms, and general topics related to growing a law firm. The best part about these rooms is the collaborative conversations that exclude sales pitches or dialogue to serve only the speaker’s best interests. Our rooms, like many rooms in Clubhouse, exist to provide real value and advice rooted in experience.

How Do You Join Clubhouse?

There are many articles out there discussing the limitations of Clubhouse that I would encourage you to check out.

Some of these include the facts that Clubhouse is still invite-only and that you must have an iPhone. The Guardian wrote a great article that goes through all the nitty-gritty that you can find here.

Final Thoughts

If you’re on Clubhouse, please follow me, I would love to connect with anyone in the legal community or that serves the legal community! Additionally, follow my clubs Law Firm Growth & Profitability and Lawyer SEO Mastermind to get notified when we host rooms.

I encourage any lawyer that seeks new perspectives and ideas to get involved with Clubhouse. It’s a great new place to get unprecedented access to the legal industry’s very best thought-leaders.

What has your experience been like on Clubhouse?

Comment below and tell us about your club, how to follow you, and any successes you have personally had in using the app.