Wisdom App

Wisdom app was created for the world’s experts to monetize their expertise, grow their personal brand, and help those who need their knowledge the most.

In a single phrase, to host “conversations that matter.”

Self-described as a social mentorship platform, Wisdom intends to provide a place for diverse people to come together for meaningful conversations that matter. Its mission, to be the next large social audio app community, means Wisdom taps into the intimacy, authenticity, and uniform playing fields of the audio-only medium. Dayo Akinrinade is the founder & GM of Wisdom and says: “I’ve launched Wisdom to democratize access to mentoring.”

What is is?

Wisdom aims to be the world’s largest free mentorship social platform. Many first-adopters have jumped from the popular Clubhouse social audio app to Wisdom.

Wisdom app allows creators and experts to monetize their audio discussions and conversations around topics they have specific expertise in.

When you open the app for the first time, you can view and join current Live conversations mentors are having with their audience and guest, or browse the Best Of section where conversations from top mentors have been saved for re-listening.

Additionally, you can browse through a variety of topics and discover the most listened-to conversations.

Creator discussions are saved on the platform and can even be downloaded by the creator to redistribute across other social platforms and websites, giving Wisdom app a significant advantage over Clubhouse in terms of content redistribution.

It’s a great learning opportunity for people who want guidance from successful individuals in different fields – all they have to do is open up the Wisdom app on their phone, press play, listen & learn!

Popular Topics and Conversations

If you’re looking for an inclusive space where diverse mentors from around the world share their expertise, Wisdom app provides us with a new social media platform.

source: https://www.wisdom.audio

Popular topics and categories include:

  • Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Parenting
  • Fitness
  • Dating
  • Finance
  • Mental Health
  • Life
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Science
  • Life & Wellness
  • Entertainment & Sports
  • Food & Travel
  • Community
  • SEO
  • Arts & Hobbies
  • Relationships
  • News & Politics

What’s the difference between Wisdom and Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a voice-only social app that was modeled after Twitter. The Clubhouse App encourages the discussion of topics relevant to beginner / early-stage entrepreneurs/startup founders – it’s been particularly popular for people who are passionate about either starting or growing their own business.

This makes Clubhouse ideal for beginner entrepreneurs, but not necessarily top influencers, experts, speakers, etc. who have already achieved great success in their careers and businesses.

On the other hand, Wisdom app encourages both beginners and industry professionals to discuss any topic they are interested in, with or without monetization possibilities.

Wisdom has grown exponentially since its recent release due to its ability to provide high-quality content for free. Founders, CEO’s, or industry professionals are now able to share their knowledge with listeners freely without the stress of seeing who is in your room, moderating a stage full of people, etc.

In turn, Wisdom users feel privileged to be given knowledge from successful individuals in different fields, which would usually cost a lot more if they were to pay for coaching sessions, mentorship groups, and the like.

Clubhouse has seen less activity recently due mainly to its very limited subject matter and audience specificity.

The Clubhouse platform inadvertently discourages top influencers, experts etc… from sharing their invaluable knowledge with people who look up to them because there is no way for influencers to monetize their expertise on this particular social app.

No platform is complete without flaws, but it’s worth noting that Clubhouse has failed to innovate much since its launch. This lack of creativity and vision makes Clubhouse less likely than Wisdom app to be able to cope with tough competition in the social audio app space.

The in-app experience vs Clubhouse

There are some major differences between in-app experiences versus rival Clubhouse. For starters, when you’re hosting a room on Wisdom, your audience remains behind a curtain so-to-speak. You can only see the total number of listeners you have during any given time but not their usernames or bios.

Only 1 guest at a time

wisdom vs clubhouse
source: https://www.wisdom.audio

As a speaker, you can only host one guest at a time. Furthermore, you can set a timer for the room that gives each guest a set allotment of time to join you as a speaker.

For example, you could start a room and set the guest timer to 5, 10 or 30 minutes per guest. Afterwhich, they are automatically sent back into the hidden audience pool.

As a speaker in Wisdom app, you can invite guests to speak, or allow the open speaker position next to you available for any of your current listeners to request to join you on stage. You can allow or deny any of these requests.

These differences in the speaker and listener experience allows for much more free-flowing, honest and open conversation without the pressure of appeasing those in the audience of a large group of moderators that you find in Clubhouse.

This benefits the Wisdom community because Talks often produce higher value faster without the “fluff” of side conversations and banter often found on other social audio apps.

What’s a Wisdom App Top Mentor?

wisdom app top mentor
image source: https://www.joinwisdomapp.com

Being a Wisdom App Top Mentor gives your account special privileges including:

  • Early access to updates
  • Monetization for every minute you speak on the app
  • Analytics
  • Privilege in in-app Search
  • A special orange ring around your picture with an orange Top Mentor checkmark not dissimilar to Facebook and Instagram’s blue checkmark.

How to become a Top Mentor

You must apply to be a top mentor. The Wisdom app seeks existing influencers with strong social followings on Twitter, Instagram, Clubhouse and LinkedIn.

Usually, a minimum of 1,500 followers on any single platform is required.

How much money can a Top Mentor make?

As of October 27, 2021, the Wisdom App team increased the amount of money a Top Mentor can earn through its monetization component by a sizeable amount: 20%.

Although no data seems to exist publically that defines exactly how their algorithm works, wo do know some basic components:

For every minute you speak on the app, you earn Mentor Coins that can be redeemed for cash rewards through the app.

600 Mentorcoins = $5

Mentorcoins are calculated by two main factors:

  • The number of minutes you speak
  • The number of listeners that join and listen to your conversations

How to grow your following on Wisdom

There are two main ways Mentors grow their following and brands through the app:

  1. Speaking and sharing your wisdom on the app by starting your own talks and inviting guests to join you
  2. Joining other conversations as a Guest

A unique aspect of starting your own Talk is that you can download and save a conversation after it’s complete.

It’s smart to repurpose the valuable content you create on Wisdom onto other social sites, your website or podcast. This gives creators the ability to further grow their brand with cross-promotion.

An example of how to repurpose a Talk on Wisdom would be to:

  1. Start a Talk, share your expertise, chat with guests
  2. At the same time, you can record the Talk via video on a platform like Loom
  3. Download your conversation from Wisdom and share on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  4. Download your loom video and share on LinkedIn, embed on your website
  5. Loom video allows you to transcribe your entire video to text with a single click which can they be utilized for a blog post or piece of thought leadership content

How to download Wisdom App

download wisdom app

Currently, the app is only available for Apple iPhone or Mac M1+ chip users. To download the Wisdom app, visit the app store here and sign up for free.

Wisdom is not available for Andriod phone or PC users at this time.


The Wisdom app is certainly tapping into the shiny new world of social audio to give people access to mentorship and host conversations that matter. It opens a space where diverse people come together and have meaningful interactions live with experts. A place to learn and potentially grow.

Although the Wisdom app has hit the ground running with user growth and high praise, can it evolve and adapt to attract high-profile mentors and new members?

Time will tell.

For now, join the app, check out the community, and don’t be shy to start your own Talk!

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