Andrew Martindale

Andrew Martindale.
Andrew Martindale
VP of Operations

I am a dedicated internet advertising and marketing process specialist with over 10 years of experience in SEO, SEM and customer journey optimization. I graduated from Queen Mary University of London in the UK with a Business Management degree focusing on business process optimization and have expanded my knowledge and skillset by working in a wide variety of fields before focusing on legal marketing for the last 5 years. This provides me a unique overview perspective on not only the technological challenges, but the overall business environment that legal practices face when looking to succeed and expand.

I’m a firm believer in the ability of technology to improve our lives and bring this belief to the challenges faced by our clients, designing solutions that seamlessly blend new opportunities with existing expertise and processes. I strive to help our team constantly push their expertise and technological awareness to higher levels so that we can adapt quickly and effectively to the ever changing environment of online marketing. 

This focus on expertise and developmental awareness allows us to provide a suite of cutting edge solutions that provide flexibility and performance as well as clear visibility and peace of mind for clients and other stakeholders that their investment is paying off. My priority is a relationship with our clients that is built on transparency and trust as the basis for a strategic partnership that allows everyone involved to play to their strengths.

My vision is to provide solutions and create a team that can confidently ensure the success of every client we work with through a deep understanding of their business, goals and unique market conditions supported by technological solutions that maximize the value of their experience and expertise.