Jamie Katz

Jamie Katz.
Jamie Katz
Website Implementation Manager

Meet the web wizard extraordinaire, Jamie, the maestro of website implementation and SEO sorcery! With a whopping 13 years of experience in the mystical realms of website design, SEO, and PPC marketing, she’s a master of the digital domain.

Hailing from the enchanting Pacific Northwest, she’s not just a coding connoisseur; she’s also a nature-loving, book-devouring, and fitness-fueled dynamo. When she’s not busy weaving her digital spells, you can find her immersed in the fantastical worlds of video games or conquering literary realms with an ever-growing collection of books.

In the real world, she’s not alone in her adventures. With two high-energy sons and a fun-loving husband by her side, every day is a new quest filled with laughter and love. Whether she’s deciphering the magical language of algorithms or analyzing data like a seasoned detective, she approaches her work with a perfect blend of seriousness and whimsy.

When the pixels settle, and the code scrolls to a graceful stop, Jamie loves to escape to the tropical enchantment of Kauai or the sun-soaked shores of San Diego. Family time is sacred, and she cherishes every moment spent exploring new realms and creating memories with her loved ones.

So, if you’re in need of a web virtuoso who can turn your digital dreams into reality while sprinkling a bit of joy and magic along the way, look no further than Jamie. She’s not just a website whiz; she’s a tech-savvy enchantress with a heart as vast as the digital landscape she conquers!