Katie Perkins

Katie Perkins
Content Coordinator

As a dynamic and results-driven Content Coordinator at Growth Lab, Katie brings over a year of invaluable experience in the realm of SEO services to the team. Her excitement for the intricacies of digital content creation is palpable as she takes on the challenge of delivering high-quality content to meet the diverse needs of Growth Lab’s clients.

Katie thrives on witnessing the tangible impact of her work, relishing the process of content publication and its direct correlation to improved website rankings. Her keen understanding of the symbiotic relationship between content and client acquisition fuels her enthusiasm for creating compelling narratives that not only captivate audiences but also drive business growth.

Beyond the world of SEO and content strategy, Katie finds joy in various aspects. A devoted reader, she immerses herself in literary worlds, finding inspiration and relaxation between the pages of a good book. Outside of her professional pursuits, she shares her leisure time with her husband, creating lasting memories and lavishing attention on their cherished dog, Toby.

With a perfect blend of passion for her craft and a genuine love for connecting with people, Katie is excited to be an addition to the Growth Lab team. Her commitment to delivering top-tier content aligns seamlessly with the company’s mission, and her multifaceted approach to life ensures a well-rounded perspective in and out of the office.