Marce Lujan

Marce Lujan.
Marce Lujan
Legal SEO Strategist

Meet Marce Lujan, the brains behind legal SEO strategy, basking in the sunshine of San Diego, California. By day, effortlessly navigating the intricate landscape of legal SEO with style and savvy. Yet, beyond the realm of algorithms and keywords, Marce embraces the chaos as a mom to two lively boys and a ball of energy in the form of a rowdy Pitbull husky.

Marce breaks the mold of your typical SEO pro – she’s a powerhouse of intellect and strength, armed with a dual degree in women’s studies and history from Cal State University San Marcos. When she’s not unraveling the enigma of search engine optimization, catch her lost in a captivating book, roaring with laughter at a comedy show, or conjuring up delicious treats in the kitchen.

Her love for exploring extends beyond the digital realm. Marce and her husband share a passion for traveling to hot and humid destinations, embracing the adventure with open arms. Whether it’s the bustling streets of a tropical city or the serene beaches of an island paradise, Marce is always up for discovering new cultures and cuisines.

In the world of legal SEO, Marce Lujan is not just a strategist – she’s a vibrant individual with a zest for life, adding her unique flair to every project she tackles. With a career that combines intellect, creativity, and a touch of wanderlust, Marce is the embodiment of someone who knows how to work hard and play harder.