Michael Strang

Michael Strang
Michael Strang
Website Project Manager

Meet Michael Strang, Growth Lab’s master of Web Maintenance & Web Project Management. As far back as he can remember, he’s always had a real fire for technology and problem solving. After concluding his studies in Computer Science, he discovered a true passion for Web Design and Digital Marketing. 

While working in the Managed IT Services vertical he was able to get an invaluable perspective into the internal processes of a wide variety of enterprise organizations, across multiple departments, in varying industries. This led him to discover how important it is to prioritize growth in all aspects of his life.

Leveraging his love for data-driven decision making with on-site SEO optimization, he found his greatest joy next to music production, fitness, and pad thai.

A wearer of many hats (both literally and figuratively) he is often learning as much as he can while hoping to implement the best standards and practices along the way. 

Originally based in Florida, Michael has found himself enchanted by the endless amount of delicious food, natural beauty, and live music within Austin, Texas.

He is committed to finding the best possible solution for his clients through conscious web design and collaborative effort.

He is already excited you’ve made it this far into his bio and can’t wait to get started helping you build your best work yet.