Will Palmer

Will Palmer Kansas City Growth Lab Founder & CEO.
Will Palmer
Founder & CEO

I am a seasoned Internet advertising and marketing specialist with over 15 years of experience in the industry. I hold a Journalism degree with an emphasis in Strategic Communications & Advertising from the University of Kansas and bring a unique blend of creativity, savvy business sense, and real world marketing experience to the table. I apply this skill set to help our clients reach their short and long-term goals faster and with maximized Return on Investment.

In addition to my deep knowledge around the Internet’s role in a changing consumer landscape, I have nearly a decade of business development consulting exclusively serving the legal industry. Blending these 2 specialty skills allows me to understand the big picture for my clients: growing profitability and top-line revenues. I am a technology and Internet lover and constantly challenge myself to gain a deeper understanding of legal consumer decision-making and search habits, and the impact a law firm’s Web presence has on their brand, reputation, and ability to generate new clients and cases.

My passion for Internet technologies and access to the most comprehensive suite of market-leading SEO development tools gives my clients the advantage they need to succeed and win big in a competitive digital marketing space.

If you decide to invest in solutions our team recommends, you will have a long-term advocate continually working to make your enterprise increasingly successful online. Your team at Growth Lab promises two things:

1. We will work hard to understand your business and your goals.
2. We will never suggest a legal marketing solution that will not help grow your business and produce a positive return on investment.

What I Believe in:

Building Community
Sharing Success
Giving Back